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Pest of the Month June 2008 – Bacterial Leaf Blight of Fishtail Palm

Distribution:  Most common in nurseries with overhead irrigation and in high rainfall areas. Symptoms:  Initial symptoms are small, water-soaked, translucent to light yellow to light brown banded areas running along and around leaf veins.  Mature lesions develop a brown to black color and may have a chlorotic (yellow) halo; lesions range from a minimum of 1-2 mm wide …

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Pest of the Month May 2008 – Ohia Rust

Distribution:  Widespread throughout the Hawaiian Islands (except Niihau) Hosts:  Wide range of hosts on various members of the Family Myrtaceae including ohia, Eucalyptus, paperbark, guava, rose apple, allspice, species of Eugenia, myrtle, and others. Other common names:  eucalyptus rust, guava rust Symptoms:  Starts as tiny bright yellow powdery eruptions in a circular pattern.  These expand causing …

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Pest of the Month April 2008 – Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer

Distribution: California.  Found by Mark Leon in Wahiawa Heights, Oahu Hosts:  Eucalyptus species, especially those under stress (e.g. – drought), orchids, monkeypods On Hawaii’s Noxious Pest list Reference: Pest Notes Publication 7425 University of California

Pest of the Month February 2008 – Glassy-winged Sharpshooter

Distribution:  Leeward Oahu Hosts:  monkeypod, java plum, haole koa, Plumeria, mountain apple, African tulip, lime, pummelo, kou, bottlebrush, Caribbean trumpet, hibiscus, gardenia, papaya, green/red ti, croton, crown flower, and oleander Damage: Can withdraw plant fluid 100-300 times its weight per day.  Releases tiny droplets as it does so, creating “leafhopper rain”. May leave a white …

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Pest of the Month November 2007 – Papaya Mealybug

Distribution: Major Hawaiian Islands.  Native to Mexico and Central America.  Also found through the Caribbean, in Florida, and Guam. Hosts: Papaya, plumeria, hibiscus, and Jatropha Damage: Chlorosis (yellowing), stunting, deformation, early leaf and fruit drop, and sooty mold growing on honeydew from the mealybug.  Heavy infestations can kill the plant. Biological Control: parasitic wasps, ladybugs. …

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Aloha Arborist Association News

Our industry mourns the loss of Reid Barcelona who died while pruning a coconut palm at Hilton Hawaiian Village on June 11, 2012.  Our condolences to his family and his employer, Weslynn Specialty Contractor.  For a news report about the accident, please click here.