Pest of the Month August 2008 – Sudden Oak Death (Pest Alert)

  • Distribution: Western U.S.–California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia
  • Hosts:  38 species susceptible, additional 16 species associated with disease.  Deadly to beech and oak.  Hawaiian Islands associated hosts include Camellia, Rhododendron, and Victorian laurel
  • Symptoms:  Canker on trunk, may be oozing.  If plants showing symptoms are found, call 643-PEST from any island in Hawaii.
  • Control:  Clear cutting, burning, and herbicide applications of infected plants

Source: Sudden Oak Death, Hawaii Department of Agriculture Quaratine Pest Alert No. 04-02, April 2004.

Coast Live Oaks killed by Sudden Oak Death – photo by Ken Peek, Alameda County Department of Agriculture.