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AAA shares pest information regularly, so that industry professionals and the public can stay informed and help protect Hawaii's trees.

Pest of the Month July 2008 – Mango Powdery Mildew

Distribution:  Widely distributed throughout the Pacific Host:  Mango Symptoms:  Whitish-gray haze on panicles, fruits, and leaves.  Killed flowers turn brown & gray. Treatment:  Plant cultivars that are less sensitive to the disease Avoid cool, humid locations and areas that receive rain during the flowering season Destroy infected fallen foliage and severely infected panicles Prune competing …

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Pest of the Month June 2008 – Bacterial Leaf Blight of Fishtail Palm

Distribution:  Most common in nurseries with overhead irrigation and in high rainfall areas. Symptoms:  Initial symptoms are small, water-soaked, translucent to light yellow to light brown banded areas running along and around leaf veins.  Mature lesions develop a brown to black color and may have a chlorotic (yellow) halo; lesions range from a minimum of 1-2 mm wide …

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Pest of the Month May 2008 – Ohia Rust

Distribution:  Widespread throughout the Hawaiian Islands (except Niihau) Hosts:  Wide range of hosts on various members of the Family Myrtaceae including ohia, Eucalyptus, paperbark, guava, rose apple, allspice, species of Eugenia, myrtle, and others. Other common names:  eucalyptus rust, guava rust Symptoms:  Starts as tiny bright yellow powdery eruptions in a circular pattern.  These expand causing …

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Pest of the Month April 2008 – Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer

Distribution: California.  Found by Mark Leon in Wahiawa Heights, Oahu Hosts:  Eucalyptus species, especially those under stress (e.g. – drought), orchids, monkeypods On Hawaii’s Noxious Pest list Reference: Pest Notes Publication 7425 University of California

Pest of the Month February 2008 – Glassy-winged Sharpshooter

Distribution:  Leeward Oahu Hosts:  monkeypod, java plum, haole koa, Plumeria, mountain apple, African tulip, lime, pummelo, kou, bottlebrush, Caribbean trumpet, hibiscus, gardenia, papaya, green/red ti, croton, crown flower, and oleander Damage: Can withdraw plant fluid 100-300 times its weight per day.  Releases tiny droplets as it does so, creating “leafhopper rain”. May leave a white …

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Pest of the Month November 2007 – Papaya Mealybug

Distribution: Major Hawaiian Islands.  Native to Mexico and Central America.  Also found through the Caribbean, in Florida, and Guam. Hosts: Papaya, plumeria, hibiscus, and Jatropha Damage: Chlorosis (yellowing), stunting, deformation, early leaf and fruit drop, and sooty mold growing on honeydew from the mealybug.  Heavy infestations can kill the plant. Biological Control: parasitic wasps, ladybugs. …

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