Tree Care Near Manu-o-Kū Breeding Sites – Ending at the Beginning


LESSONS ABOUT • Tree Care Near Manu-o-Kū Breeding Sites

AAA is wrapping up the Kaulunani project to develop Guidelines for Tree Care Near Manu-o-Kū Breeding Sites, but it feels like a beginning. The Guidelines are completed and available for downloading. Also thanks to this project, AAA and its project partners have learned some lessons and have plans for the future. We look forward to getting the guidelines out to the arboriculture and urban forestry community, and also to help the public and tree care customers see that the tree professionals who have been trained can get their work done and protect manu-o-Kū at the same time. See this website’s new MANU-O-KU tab for the following new content:

Professionals should first get training before working near manu-o-Kū – Now that there is a consensus as to what best practices are, the project partners are offering training for the broader arboriculture community and other interested parties. You can also see who has already taken the class.

Getting and giving help to find manu-o-Kū breeding sites in trees – This is an important step for tree care professionals, and requires practice and patience. Fortunately, we have help from the Hui Manu-o-Kū – and hopefully we can help them in return. There’s online data – oh and did we mention we’d like you to upload your own data on previously unknown breeding sites?

It’s possible to work on a tree while there is breeding, but only if you have the training and can implement the best practices – See the Guidelines, and sign up to learn about surveying for manu-o-Kū, behavior-defined buffer zones, emergency procedures, and other components of working in the vicinity of chicks and incubating adults.

Manu-o-Kū decided to make some of Oʻahu’s busiest areas their home. We’re grateful, and now we have resources that empower the tree care community to get the job while taking care of these special creatures. For questions and to sign up for training, please contact AAA at