Pest of the Month September 2010 – Citrus Leaf Miner

  • Hosts:  species of Citrus and related Rutaceae
  • Distribution: Hawaii, California, Florida, most of Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia to India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Taiwan, southern Japan, New Guinea and nearby Pacific Islands
  • Symptoms:  Serpentine mines in leaves and rarely in fruits, curling of leaves.  Young leaves are susceptible.  Succulent branches of young shoots may also be attacked. 
  • Management:  Biological control with parasites, particularly Ageniaspis citricola.  Traps with pheromones. Treating with insecticides may adversely affect parasite populations and should only be done after checking with State experts on timing and frequency.

Source: Featured Creatures citrus leafminer, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Services and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, July 1998 (updated April 2010).

Citrus Leaf Miner. Photo by Dr. Scot Nelson, UH CTAHR