Hurricane Lane and Tree Safety

CAUTION:  Damaged trees and branches extremely hazardous

 During hurricanes and other storm events, damaged trees and branches can become entangled in highly unstable positions. This can be true whether they are fallen or still standing. If you cut or try to move trees or branches, they can shift, fall, snap or “jump” toward you unexpectedly, potentially injuring or crushing anyone nearby. Homeowners should move debris only when absolutely necessary to perform other vital tasks, such as evacuating to safety. Get professional help to clean up damaged trees or hanging branches around your property.

NEVER, under any circumstances, go near any downed utility lines, including electrical feeds to houses. Nearby trees or branches, even when they are not in direct contact, can be energized and can result in injury or death by electrocution. Stay at least thirty feet away from downed power lines, more if possible. If you see any downed electrical wires, call (855) 304-1212.

Professional arborists and tree workers play critical role during storm recovery

The tree care industry will play a vital role in relief and cleanup efforts after Hurricane Lane. Storm related work is extremely hazardous, and becomes even more so for those of you keeping long hours. Professionalism is more critical than ever during this period.

The integrity and strength of trees and branches can be compromised after a storm. In addition, when pruning storm-damaged trees, it can be hard or impossible to accurately assess the reaction of tree debris under tension or compression. Be extra careful to always maintain awareness of your position at all times while you work. All tree care workers must use their personal protective equipment, and thoroughly inspect all safety features of your equipment and tools. Avoid any pressures to start cutting corners with your equipment or safety practices.

Please leave all utility line clearance to the your local electric company. Treat all lines as potentially energized with dangerous to fatal current. Avoid conducting any operations within 30 feet of downed lines if possible. On Oahu, contact Hawaiian Electric’s Vegetation Management Department at (808) 543-7836 to report trees or other vegetation impacting lines.

The efforts of our community of professional arborists and tree workers are greatly appreciated. Aloha Arborist Association thanks you in advance for the work you’ll be doing after Hurricane Lane. Please be safe out there!