August 2013 Pest of the Month

Damage to coconut palm

  • Host: Coconut and Oil palms mainly – but also may attack other palm species
  • Distribution:  South Pacific (American Samoa, others) and Guam.
  • Damage: V-shaped cuts in the fronds or holes through the midrib
  • Control: Eliminating the places where they breed and manually destroying adults and all stages of life cycle – eggs, larvae, and pupae.  Also through natural enemies such as pigs, rats, ants, and some beetles and diseases (fungus Metahizium anisopliae and Oryctes virus).



For full length article click on link  – August 2013 Pest – Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

Source: American Samoa Community College Community & Natural Resources Cooperative Research & Extension. Prepared by Mark Schmaedick.