4th Annual Hawaii Tree Jamboree

Sponsored By:

Huge thanks to our sponsors so far!!! R.W. Climbs, Teufelberger, CMI, TreeStuff.com, DMM, WesSpur, and At-Height

The competition will follow ITCC format. Events include; Throw Ball, Speed Climb, Ascent, Aerial Rescue, Work Climb, and a Masters Challenge. We will be having an open Head to Head Ascent event following gear check on Friday. Details

To volunteer, click HERE

We’re still looking for judges and help with set up! If you have experience judging a certain event, or if you prefer to help mostly with a specific event, please let us know in the form! 🙂

If you want to compete….

Answer these two questions, and here’s a button to register! 🙂

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Friday February 21st: Gear Check

Saturday, February 22nd: Preliminary Events

Sunday, February 23rd: Masters Challenge & Open Head to Head Ascent

Lodging Options

Some of your options are listed Here

Click Here to download the camping permit application.