April 2013 archive

Apr 25

What Kills Tree Care DIY-ers?

A summary of 2012 fatal accidents to homeowners performing tree care. The Tree Care Industry Association reviewed 47 tree care accidents involving civilians reported in the media in 2012. Of these, 25 were fatal. The average age of the “tree care do-it-yourselfer (DIY-er)” victim was 58. In the fatal accidents, the average age was even …

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Apr 21

2013 LICH trade show booth & sponsorship info and registration packet

The 2013 LICH Conference and Trade Show has been scheduled for October 10th at the Neal Blaisdell Center.  If you are interested in sponsoring the Conference or in having a booth at the trade show, you can download the 2013 LICH Conference and Trade Show Booth and Sponsorship information and registration packet for more information.  …

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Apr 19

Urban Forestry Emergency Operations Planning Guide Available

The new Urban Forestry Emergency Operations Planning Guide for Storm Response (UFEOP Guide) is now available according to Smart Trees Pacific.  For the flyer announcement, click here.  For the cover letter, click here.  To view the actual UFEOP Guide, visit www.smarttreespacific.org and click on Urban Forestry EOP Guide.  The project was funded by a grant …

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Apr 16

March 2013 Pest of the Month – Croton Caterpillar (Achaea janata)

Distribution:  Widespread throughout the tropical and subtropical Pacific, in Australia, and Asia Hosts: Croton, castor bean, Ficus, macadamia, and others.  Damage: Caterpillar feeds on the leaves of hosts, leaving veins and petioles Control    (a) There are several biological controls in Hawaii.    (b) Some chemical control has been achieved using pyrethroids insecticides. Reference: Achaea …

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