Pest of the Month June 2009 – Naio Thrips

  • Hosts: Many species of Myoporum will likely be susceptible.  In Hawaii, naio thrips have been observed attacking both the prostrate (naio papa) and upright forms of the indigenous Myoporum sandwicense.
  • Distribution: Northwestern part of the Island of Hawaii.
  • Damage: Severe gall-like distortion of the new leaves and terminals. Stunting of terminal growth and leaf curling or folding are common.
  • Detection: Any leaf curling or gall-like symptoms of Myoporum should be brought to HDOA or Cooperative Extension Offices.

Source: Naio Thrips, State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture New Pest Advisory No. 09-02, June 2009.

Naio thrips. Hawaii Department of Agriculture photo.