Pest of the Month April 2012 – Black Twig Borer

Black Twig Borer Xylosandrus compactus (Eichoff)

  • Distribution: Hawaiian Islands. Native to Asia, found in coffee growing areas of the world
  • Hosts:  Over 200 plant species including coffee, avocado, citrus, cacao, paperbark, Eucalyptus robusta, haole koa, guava, Christmasberry, lychee, macadamia, mango, mahogany, hibiscus, kukui,Surinam cherry, and podocarpus.
  • Symptoms:  Pin-sized entry holes, twig death.  Severe infestations can kill host plants, including large trees.
  • Management:  Pruning and destruction of beetle-infested plant material.  Good tree care to promote tree vigor and health. 

Source: Xylosandrus compactus (Eichoff) Black Twig Borer, Victoria L. Tenbrink and Dr. Arnold H. Hara, Crop Knowledge Master, April 2007

Black wig borer on Podocarpus. Photo by Dr. Scot Nelson, UH CTAHR