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AAA Brochures:
Proper Pruning Techniques 2015
Pruning Shrubs
Trees from the Ground Down

AAA’s Guidelines for Management of Coconut Palms Approved 08/19/2009 



For information about becoming a Certified Arborist, please click here.

For information about becoming a Certified Tree Worker, please click here.

For information about Windward Community College’s Certificate of Completion in Subtropical Urban Tree Care, click here.

Safety requirements for the tree care industry



Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii

Western Chapter ISA (WCISA)

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Tree Care Industry Association

ISA’s Consumer Information Website: Trees Are Good



Animated Knots by Grog

Oahu Planting Guide

Hawaii Plant ID

Plants of Hawaii (Hawaiian Ecosystem at Risk project (HEAR))

Common Forest Trees of Hawaii

Weeds of Hawaii

The Hawaii Pesticide Information Retrieval System

LICH’s Landscape Irrigation Conservation Best Management Practices

Selection and planting of non-invasive species:

University of Hawaii Soil information:
Soil Analysis Service
A Guide to Soil Testing for Hawaii’s Residents
Testing Your Soil: Why and How to Take a Soil-Test Sample
How to Interpret a Standard CTAHR Soil Analysis Report
Soil Reaction (pH)
The pH Preference of Plants
Soils of Hawaii
     Use of Soil Amendments to Improve Chemical Properties of Soil
Use of Chemical Amendments to Improve Chemical Properties of Soil
Mulching for Healthier Landscape Plants

University of Florida Publications – primarily by Ed Gilman
Developing a Preventative Pruning Program in Your Community: Mature Trees
Design Solutions for a Wind Resistant Urban Forest
Wind and Trees: Lesson Learned from Hurricanes
Choosing Suitable Trees for Urban and Suburban Sites: Site Evaluation and    Species Selection
Selecting Southeastern Coastal Plain Species for Wind Resistance
Selecting Tropical and Subtropical Tree Species for Wind Resistance
Selecting Quality Trees from the Nursery
Planting and Establishing Trees
Developing an Urban Forest Management Plan for Hurricane-Prone Communities
Normal “Abnormalities” in Palms

USDA National Resources Conservation Service Web Soil Survey


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Wood Barns and More – Identify that Tree!  This link was added at the request of Ms. Britton’s 7th grade science class in Grand Prairie, Texas.  The students were studying botany and dendrology and they found this website useful.

This website has links about sustainability, forestry, and woodworking:  It was added at the request of Amy Eckhart, content specialist for the site.

A Basic Guide to Tree Identification – this website has links to numerous other websites of use in identifying trees in North America.  It was discovered by Mary, a child at the W.B. Goodwin Community Center.  Mahalo, Mary!

Tree Conservation – Ms. Martin’s youth group in Albany, NY, found this webpage while studying tree conservation. It contains links for many non-profit, educational and other websites about tree and forest conservation.