About Us

Our Mission

  • Promote and improve the practice of arboriculture
  • Stimulate greater public interest in the planting and preservation of trees and palms for shade and ornamental value
  • Promote public education to develop a greater appreciation for trees and palms
  • Recommend and uphold the ISA’s “Code of Ethics” established to maintain a high level of practice of those engaged in the profession
  • Sponsor Monthly meetings and workshops devoted to the exchange of information and to provide Continuing Education Units for Certified Arborists, Tree Workers and Utility specialists as applicable
  • Be apprised of the most progressive arboricultural information
  • Network with the most active arborists in Hawaii and elsewhere

Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month except December, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  For details on upcoming meetings, please click here.


2016 – A Look Back

Thank you for letting us serve you in 2016, our 40th year as an organization. Aloha Arborist Association worked hard to protect the well being of Hawaii’s trees, and to grow our connections as a community and the industry’s professionalism. With deep gratitude for the dedication of our membership, officers, board members, and urban forestry community partners, Aloha Arborist Association accomplished so much in 2016:

  • Organized the outstanding workshop on Tree Fungi in Hawaii in partnership with WCISA, delivering the program on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui and Oahu,
  • Sponsored the 6th Annual Malama the Trees Workshop by Maui Green and Beautiful,
  • Assisted WCISA in coordinating TRAQ training and other industry events,
  • Participated in outreach and education, at events such as LICH’s annual conference and WCISA’s Kaulunani TreeCircus presentations,
  • Provided exclusive information to our members about job openings, events, and legislative policy and industry standards updates,
  • Helped members connect to property owners and managers through our website member listings and referrals,
  • Offered discounts to members attending educational and training events,
  • Carried out timely email outreach to a community of 500 subscribers, covering community and industry events, calls to action, pest and other information updates, and educational and CEU opportunities,
  • Held monthly meetings all through the year, helping our industry and community to network, learn, and work together to care for Hawaii’s trees,
  • Provided a clearinghouse of information for homeowners, organizations, agencies, and even inquiries from around the country and the world looking for answers to their tree questions

Aloha Arborist Association is thriving, and looking forward to many more decades of service. But we also are reflecting on the illness and recovery, then unexpected passing of our dear past president and friend, Gregory K. Severino. His passing reminds us to throw ourselves passionately into our community. His commitment as a father and his heartfelt generosity in helping so many of us over so many years sets the example for all of us. In remembrance of Greg, we all must remember what truly matters and what is most important is what we can do for each other and our community at large.

2017 Goals and Activities

  • The Hawaii Tree Jamboree, an all-out fun event for families and for tree climbing competitors alike, Saturday 02/25/2017
  • Community outreach at the UH Agriculture and Environmental Awareness weekend in February, and other events throughout the year
  • All-day safety workshop on Hawaii’s four main islands
  • AAA’s volunteer workday and barbecue at a community location to be announced
  • Continued outreach, information updates, and statewide coordination on behalf of the tree industry and communities they serve
  • Exclusive access for members to discounts, referrals, and other benefits
  • Year-round monthly meetings where you can network, learn, and join in the important effort to protect our trees and keep Hawaii beautiful


Our Officers and Board Members 2017-2018

President- J Zambo

Vice President- Lance Bookless

Treasurer- Desiree Page

Secretary- Carol Kwan

Director- Dudley Hulbert

Director- Steve Nimz

Director- Sergio Vasquez

Past President- Steve Connolly

To reach our board members, please see their contact information under the Members tab (our current board members are all located on O’ahu).