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Pest of the Month – November 2017

CANKERS Excerpted in part from Hawai‘i Landscape Plant Pest Guide: Plant Diseases, by Dr. Scot Nelson, University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (UH-CTAHR) PD-105, January 2015, available at: Photos: Dr. Scot Nelson Description: Cankers are sunken areas of dead tissue or splits in the bark or epidermis of branches, stems, …

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Pest of the Month – October 2017

SNAILS and SLUGS Photos: Angela Liu  Arborists are concerned about land mollusks – snails, slugs, and semi-slugs – because ornamental woody plants provide hiding places for these pests. Tree seedlings, young leaves and tree fruit also provide forage for these gastropods. Exotic snail species are introduced when plant materials (landscaping supplies, Christmas trees, etc.) are …

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